Risk of using cracked and pirated software, Be careful!

MS Office, the most used software for documentation, and at the same time it is most pirated. As a user, you must know the consequences of using it.
pirated windows software

You may be using or have used some type of illegal and cracked software in your computers that are pirated at free of cost. Windows and MS office is the most used software on PC and at the same time, it is most pirated than any other software. Windows OS isn’t cheap it comes with a price range of 4k to 15k depending on different versions like Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

Reason of MS Office the most pirated software

Some people buy PC that doesn’t come with preinstalled Windows OS just to save some bucks. Later they install a pirated OS that they get it from torrent sites which provides cracked version or sometimes seller himself do this for them. There is no much difference between pirated one and genuine and they work almost the same but there is always a threat of some kind of suspicious code it may contain in pirated version.

Windows also provide software updates to pirated version so that it can remove any malicious code that may be used during illegal activation. After updates, it could pop up a message periodically asking you to buy genuine windows.

After installing windows most users look for document creating software like MS Office which is essential for documentation. Like Windows OS it also comes with a price and it is not free. You may need subscriptions or have to pay some fixed price which is costly. 

To overcome these, users prefer a cracked/ pirated version, and some smart users prefer Open source office software like Libre or Open Office which is totally free to use. Still, the number of users who opted for open-source Office Software is very low due to the popularity of MS office which results in most pirated software.

Microsoft hardly takes actions on individual Pirates

Microsoft corporation already knew how many systems using which version of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, and latest windows 10, and every year they release statics about these. Also, they have statics about the percentage of pirated versions installed with country-specific but hardly they take action because they want you to use their OS and to remain in the Windows ecosystem.

They knew at some point in future users may buy their other software or upgrade their system to the genuine one. As they already lost a competition in the Mobile operating system where Google Android and Apple iOS dominating heavily resulted in Windows Mobile OS closed its operations due to its failure to gain momentum. Also, Apple Mac computers giving Windows a tough competition for high-end users.

Indian firm caught using pirated windows software

You may be wondering why they don’t take action on piracy if they knew it already. Here is a catch, if you are using their software for you own personal purpose they hardly take action but if you caught using their software for commercial purpose then you may land in trouble which may result in very huge fines.

Recently in New Delhi, a firm caught from using or distributing their pirated and unlicensed software. The firm named ‘Chetu’ which provides IT services and Solution to its client. They have been caught using their software commercially without obtaining a license. Upon further investigation by independent investigators, it comes out that more than 300 systems using illegal versions of MS office and some PC installed with pirated Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, CS3 software.

This matter was brought in court and they found substantial evidence of piracy of large magnitude. Due to this violation, the court has ordered Chetu firm to pay 30 Lakhs as damages to Microsoft, Adobe, and Quest system.


It is better to use genuine software instead of pirated ones, as you get periodical updates and your system stays safe from any kind of malicious activity. In the long run, piracy can harm you most and in an extreme case, you may be fined or land in trouble if you get caught.

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