Phones Buying Tips and Tricks that you should know

Nowadays everyone using mobile phones, so to have the best one with great features one must look at all the specifications that are shared in detail here.
Mobile buying tips and tricks

Before buying any mobile one need to sure about its own requirements. Like for what purpose you’re buying, some buys for gaming and some for a better camera phone, or some heavy user required a mobile having high battery performance. Rest goes for basic calling purposes. Here are the tips and tricks that you may consider before buying mobiles or phone.

Display Size

 The days are gone when we rely on keypad phones with a small screen. Now in this era almost everyone using touch screen phones which result in large screen size phones. Now we are consuming more content on mobiles like Web series, Movies, Sports events, and our favorite YouTube. So to have the best experience one should have a minimum display size of 5 inches.

Nowadays 5.5 to 6.5 inches screen in great demand due to online battle royale games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite. One thing you may be thinking the 6.5-inch screen is too big to operate easily, but with the advent of a bezel-less screen, this doesn’t look big and can be easily operated.


Today we have different types of phone screens available which are highly sensitive for any slight touch. Last decade we were using keypad phone, after that TFT display touch screen which was very resistive and hard to use at corners. But when Apple launched iPhone 3G in 2007 with capacitive touch, everyone become a fan of the Apple iPhone and later it results as a standard for every touch screen phone.

Till now we are using a capacitive touch screen which is market standard, so you must only go for capacitive touch screen mobile. Still, some local mobile companies use a TFT screen just to make cheap phones.

Type of display

The best technology used in Display is the AMOLED  screen and it is very dynamic in producing true color on screen, also it saves battery because it doesn’t lit for producing black color. Other is IPS Panel and Lcd display which is also good but compares to OLED it is inferior, Apple still uses LCD in low tier iPhone and AMOLED in high-end series like iPhone X. In every high-end phone, you will get an AMOLED display.

Screen protection

Mobile is our best companion and we rely heavily on it. After the passage of time, its display gets scratches from keys, coins in the pocket, and some wear and tear from normal usage or due to accidental falls. To protect all this you must look for phones having Gorilla Glass protection. Gorilla Glass level 5 or more is very scratch resistant.

It doesn’t get scratches from knives if you manually try to do so, imagine how tough and rigid it is. Also, it protects the mobile from accidental falling by absorbing shocks. Other cheap alternatives are Asahi Trail glass protection. If your mobile hasn’t come along with this type of protection then be ready to use screen guard but it hampers screen sensitivity at some amount.


In the market we have MediaTek, Qualcomm, Huawei own Hi Silicon Processor, and Samsung Exynos. Out of these Qualcomm and Mediatek have the majority of shares. You must buy a phone having the latest Processor from Qualcomm or you can compare other phones using MediaTek but the first priority should be given to Qualcomm.

If you’re looking for a premium phone or gaming phone, then go for Qualcomm 865 plus processor which is best right now. As this comes with high-quality graphics and provides lag-free experiences.


Most users buy premium phones only for the best camera it has. So to judge a camera of the phone, one must not look for only the MP (Mega Pixel) count. Another thing that you need to look at is camera sensor size, greater the sensor size best it’s quality in low light. Also, look for Optical zoom, not for digital zoom, a lot of phones have a 2X optical zoom facility. Some have 5X and 10 X optical zooms like Oppo Reno and Huawei P30 series phones.

Digital zoom is just the cropping of an image that you can do it manually after clicking images but the result may not be so good. Optical zoom offers great quality pictures and videos without pixelating the display. One of the most important features of the camera is Optical Image Stabilisation(OIS) availability. Nowadays you may also look for depth sensors, RGB sensors in high-end phones.


This is the area one must look twice, without long-lasting battery your mobile may need frequent charging. If any mobile requires charging 2 or 3 times a day with normal and heavy usage, then don’t buy this. Every battery has fixed charging cycles after that it starts degrading and failed to deliver to its best performance. In layman terms, you should opt for a minimum 3500 mah battery if you’re having a 5-inch display.

Normally most company provides 4000mah phone for their phone. Still, some companies like Samsung, Nokia, Google Pixel, and Apple iPhone provide small capacity batteries in low-end phones. Phones with smaller than 3500 mah battery and having display size more than 5 inches, that you should avoid buying.

Charging speed

This is a feature you must look for before opting for any mobile, as it is a time-saving process. Generally larger the battery size greater is charging time but with the advent of technology like Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 and Oppo, Vooc charger eliminates the waiting time. They can charge your mobile 70 percent within 1 hr. That is great and you must have this feature, as it is well said time is money.

Future updates

If you’re using any mobile having outdated OS or your company not providing future upgrades then it is waste to buy such mobile. These cases arise when you buy a mobile that isn’t of renowned brand as they don’t offer any security or OS updates.

Major brand companies provide at least two or three future upgrades at least for two years and they provide periodically security updates that are very necessary to eliminate any new threats. Companies like Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi Mi phones, Samsung(on premium phones) and Google provides regular updates to its phones.

Google certified phones.

If you’re using Android then most probably it is certified by Google to get future google upgrades for your play store. If you’re using Huawei phone or their HONOR Brand phones chances are that you don’t get play store, so you won’t be able to download any apps. For that, you may rely on third-party apps store, which is very risky and you won’t get updates in real-time.

This is because the USA has banned American companies for trading with Chinese Huawei and ZTE, coz of espionage charges as they may be doing snooping in friendly countries with their  4G/5G hardware equipment.

Service Center

This is the thing one must look at it before buying phones. In the future, if your mobile develops some hardware or software issues so that it can be quickly fixed. Otherwise, the device becomes obsolete and it can’t be fixed if it’s components not available. Usually, bigger companies have a service center in every major city, even if they charge more but it is convenient to have it nearby.


Always go for a phone which is budget-friendly, as technology is changing day by day and a lot of innovation happening in this field. Today you may be happy with your phone, but after 6 months when new phones available in the market at the same price with great features, then you have some induced feeling to sell your current phones and go for the latest ones. Also software-wise all phones are similar and have almost the same features.


These are the things you may look for your device before buying. I know you may not get every specification and features in budget-friendly mobile. Still, you have to go for the phone that provides you more features, best services at a better price.

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