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I am Irfan, tech enthusiast love to read and write on tech related stuff like Gadgets, Mobile and its applications. Technology podcaster, blogger and the founder of techpost.in.


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I am very passionate in tech related news, gadgets, and the technology that is involved on those products. As lot of innovation that is seen in tech world at rapid pace and it is changing our day to day life which make our life easier.

From last ten years I am following every bit of tech news and it is my daily routine to stay updated. 

Now I started my tech blog to share info about gadgets, software applications, tips and tricks related to mobile,computers, telecom and science.

After graduating from University I worked for PSU in technical department. So I know what the problem that is faced by non-tech person. Here I will share every bit of info in a very simple way.

keep reading and stay updated…!!!